In the heart of Tuscany, immersed in the wonderful area of Chianti, Poggibonsi is an Italian town of nearly 30000 inhabitants, at 33 km from Siena. It ranks in the area of Alta Val d’Elsa, a territory rich of history, culture and craftsmanship of all kinds. There are widespread and well-known cultivation known all over the world as the industries of forniture, the furnishing and the camper that have acquired with the time always greater importance. Also tourism is experiencing a period of strong expansion thanks to the rediscovery of historical and cultural wonders only recently exploited. The city was threatened several times during its history, as in the twelfth century, when it was almost completely destroyed by the attack of nearby Florence and during the World War II because of the bombing; only in recent years there has been an attempt to revaluate the archaeological area with the restoration of Poggio Imperiale, the "Fonte delle Fate", the Keep and San Lucchese church. These “new” wonders are added as well to an enviable series of Romanesque churches, medieval castles and Renaissance villas that already enrich the geographical and cultural beauty of the area. Poggibonsi is also in an excellent strategic position: it is located at the center of urban and suburban beauties of Tuscany such as Florence, Colle Val d’Elsa, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra and Monteriggioni. The city has received the stimulus necessary to build or improve many hotels and tourism companies who are able to meet the needs of foreign tourists having the possibility, at the same time, to promote the local products of agriculture which honey, live, saffron and wine that, beyond the commercial aspects, they allow Poggibonsi to introduce her own present and own past, typical identity for who is receptive for the new motivate.


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San Lucchese Celebration

On april 28, Poggibonsi does a celebration for the Saint Patron of the city, Saint Lucchese, became holy through a life inspired by the values of simplicity, faith and the help for the others.

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Festival of Romituzzo

On the first Sunday of May is celebrated in Poggibonsi the sacred image of the Madonna made on commission from Bernardo of Duccio Adimari, the noble owner of many lands such as Strozzavolpe, Papaiano, Talciona and Romituzzo the late fourteenth century.

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Staggia Celebration

The word “festina” means “little celebration”, it is a religious feast, a Madonna Celebration, taking place at Staggia Senese, a Poggibonsi suburb. Occur on the third Sunday of June, with a bike challenge and a lot of fireworks.

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Poggibonsi, rich of history and culture, will make you dream through pizza places, restaurants, rural tourism and hotels.


In the beautiful country restaurants, bakery, bar and pizza places are abundant and well-stocked.


Holidays home, rural tourism, hotels and landlady are perfect to savour the landscape that faces on Chianti.

Camper Area

In Poggibonsi there is a picnic area for campers with 6 places. It is located in Via Medici Fortress, at the intersection with Via San Francesco, in the green area of the park “il Vallone”.

Poggibonsi, how it was

Places, people, moments of life. With this small selection editing from the Major Photographic Archive we want to represent a sintetic excursus of our history made by men, women, children, of economical and social activities, of places which in the progression of the years have changed not only aspect but also function. In fact, our town... when it was a country, when the summer takes with it’s the washes in the Elsa’s river, the horses’ races wasn’t an aristocratic hobby.
It doesn’t want to be a thinking voyager but we want only offer to the guest a testimony of life of our town, from yesterday to today and, on all, indipendently from their provenience, to the tomorrow, giving at these last ones the prosecution of this history.

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