Church of San Lorenzo

The church testifies, in its initial setup and in the reiterated trasformations, the harmonic and gothic transition. It was Augustinians of Lecceto’s church, who had here, for a long time, their convent, and the place of the historic meeting of Charles VII and Girolamo Savonarola happened, as an epigraph reminds, in 1495.
The building, after many tragic events as the abolition of the order, milaries occupations, the transformation in firehouse first and hospital later and bombings, has been wisely and cleverly restored and offrers itself to visitors in its armonically essential lines and with works of very high quality: a San Nicola by Neri di Bicci, the venerated crucifix of Giovanni D’Agostino from the fourteenth century and the beautiful Madonna delle Grazie coming from the suppressed Oratorio del Piano.

Via Trento, 28