The Castle of Badia

It’s one of the most ancient and important abbeys of Tuscany, first center of economic activities, then castle and place of defense.
The first evidence of castle’s history is on 25th July 998, when the marquis Ugo of Tuscany donated it to the Church to save his soul from the looming doomsday on year one thousand.
It was a significant Benedictine monastery, rich and powerful on the ancient trail of the Francignena route, compulsory stop for pilgrimages to Rome.
Due to its position, strategical militarly, it was destroyed in the sixteenth century during the struggle between Florence and Siena and it was later rebuilt in neogothic style in 1886.
Although, after the reconstruction, of the ancient building nothing remained except the cloister of the eleventh century, the walls, the walkways, the viewpoints and the crenellated towers still mantain unchanged the medieval atmosphere and charm.


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