Festival of Romituzzo

The first Sunday of May, in Poggibonsi, there is the celebration of Virgin Mary’s sacred representation, realised on commision of Bernardo Duccio Adimari, noble landowner of Strozzvolpe, Papaiano, Talciona and Romituzzo at the end of the fourteenth century.
The simulacrum was placed in the same location where the holy women called “Romite” used to pray and this name connotes the site as well.
Then, on April 26th 1926, the worshipped image of the Virgin was crowned and the following Sunday it was carried in procession towards the reproduction of the simulacrum, painted by Garibaldo Cepparelli, contacted purposely for the event.
According to some records, the tradition provided that the festivity ended on Monday, once citizens gathered together to the fortress for the afternoon snack, eating boiled eggs in Calcinaia, inside the Salvini’s workshop of “Tabacchi e Alimentari”.
Reminding a popular proverb, if between the festivity of San Lucchese and the Virgin Mary of Romutuzzo’s one it rains, the year will be lucky: “If between San Lucchese and Romituzzo the dust is wet, a lucky year you should expect”.