Launched at the end of 2014, the Archeodromo is the first Italian “open air” museum of the Early Middle Ages and reproduces the village made of huts present in the area between the ninth and the tenth century, found during archeological escavations carried on by the University of Siena. The project was promoted by the Fondazione Musei Senesi and by the municipality of Poggibonsi, it was funded by Arcus Spa and it was realised by the course of Christian and Medieval Archeology from the Department of Historic Sciencies and Cultural Heritage of Siena’s University partnered with Arké Archeologia Sperimentale and Archeotipo SRL.
The Archeodromo is a scale reproduction 1:1 of one of the most important discoveries on the Poggio Imperiale hill: the village of the Frankish period (ninth – half of the tenth century), of which a possible rural farm is recognizable, with the landlord’s large hut (Longhouse 17x8.5 metres), surrounded by smaller ones destined to be houses, locations of handcraft activities and warehouses for food and agricultural products.
A guided visit of the area is possbile in order to enjoy a jouney to Charles the Great’s times.

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