Museum of Pollaiolo

The one next to the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta is perhaps the smallest museum in the world: a single room in the parsonage, which since 1976 has housed paintings, ornaments and sacred furnishings as evidence of what was once the ancient furniture of the parish. But the real jewel of the Museum is the large panel, “Mystical Communion of Saint Mary Magdalene” with the Magdalene communicated by the angels, an extraordinary artwork by Antonio del Pollaiolo. The painting, commissioned by Ser Bindo di Agnolo of the Grazzini family, before being admitted to the museum, was in the parish, on the altar of the chapel on the right where the coat of arms of the Grazzini family is still visible on the entrance’s arch.
In the Museum there are other works among which should be noted:

- the canvas “The great Visitation”, commissioned by Bernardo Grazzini, in 1574, by Giovanni Maria Butteri, a pupil of Bronzino;

- the imposing residence, in carved, gilded and painted wood, in the shape of architecture, with dome, columns and pilasters, and decoration formed by two painted panels depicting two adoring angels, commissioned by Filippo di Bernardino Grazzini, parish priest of Staggia since 1551 to 1580;

- painting “Madonna with Child” (Sienese painter of the fifth-sixth decade of the fourteenth century), almost certainly central panel of a lost polyptych;

- panel with “The Adoration of the Magi” by Francesco Botticini (late 15th century);

- canvas depicting “Christ in Pietà and Effusio sanguinis” (1579) by the Sienese Arcangelo Salimbeni.

P.zza Grazzini, Staggia Senese (Poggibonsi), church of Santa Maria Assunta,                                                  

Open on Saturday at 16:00 to 17:30, from April to October.