Recommended routes in the city. Two days in Poggibonsi and Staggia Senese


Starting from PIAZZA CAVOUR, site of the MUNICIPAL BUILDING and of one of the seven sculptures realised by ANTONY GORMLEY, take VIA NICOLAI and, turning right, merge onto VIA VITTORIO VENETO, reaching PIAZZA SAN LORENZO with the homonymous CHURCH.
Taking again Via Vittorio Veneto, go ahead until PIAZZA DARIO FRILLI and turn to VICOLO DELLE CHIAVI, which joins with VIA MAESTRA: on the left there’s the COLLEGIATA DI SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA.
Returning in Piazza Cavour, which is located on the right, take VIA MARMOCCHI, found on the left, where there’s the PRAETORIAN PALACE, which hosts the MUSEUM OF PALEONTOLOGY.
At the end of the way, turn right in VIA BORGO MARTURI and reach PIAZZA GIACOMO MATTEOTTI, ideal location for resting on one of its sevral benches to admire the WATERCOLOUR FOUNTAIN, masterpiece of Sarkis, Turkish artist living in Paris and famous worldwide.
Continuing along Via Borgo Marturi, reach the crossing with Via XX SETTEMBRE and, turning right, reach LARGO GRAMSCI, continuing along VIA GUGLIELMO MARCONI, on the left.
Once close to Staggia stream, the SANTO SPIRITO CHURCH will be visible on the left.
Going back along Via Guglielmo Marconi but walking on the right side, continue to VIA MONTE SABOTINO, where, in PIAZZA SAN GIUSEPPE there is the homonymous church.
Crossed the bridge, take the cycling and pedestrian trail until the next bridge, walking in VIA CARLO IOZZI to merge, on the right, onto VIA PIETRO BURRESI, where is placed the ROMITUZZO SANCTUARY.
Walking back the last road until the roundabout, merge onto VIA SENESE until VIA TRENTO, which, once taken, has to be followed until, on the right, there’s VIA GOITO. On the left there is PIAZZA MAZZINI.
Once crossed the square, turn left in VIA MONTORSOLI and take the first street on the right, VICOLO CIASPINI, turning again left in Via Maestra, reaching the starting point, Piazza Cavour.


Departing from PIAZZA CAVOUR, take VIA DELLA ROCCA to reach PIAZZA DARIO FRILLI, turning right in VIA SAN FRANCESCO, surrounded by greenery.
Taking the first street on the right, we are in VIA DELLA FORTEZZA MEDICEA, in front of the BADIA CASTLE. Go back to Via San Francesco, walk it until the SPRING OF FAYS and go up until the street takes the name PROVINCIAL ROAD OF SAN LUCCHESE.
Once taken, turn left, go up until the first street on the right that leads to the CHURCH OF SAN LUCCHESE.
Back on the provincial road, turn right and continue until the second way on the left, which has to be followed until it becomes VIA BOCCABARILI. Cross the bridge and reach the CASTELLO DELLA MAGIONE.
Walking back to Via Boccabarili, reach again the Provincial road of San Lucchese, turn right and take it.
Take the first street on the right and, at the crossroad, turn right reaching the CASSERO OF POGGIO IMPERIALE FORTRESS. Once visited the castle, reach again the crossing and go ahead along the street, arriving to the FORTRESS’ PARK. Reach again VIA SANTI MARTIRI until it becomes VIA SAN LUCCHESE and go back to PIAZZA DARIO FRILLI.
Passing through Via della Rocca, go back to PIAZZA CAVOUR.



Town Hall


Church of San Lorenzo

Romituzzo Sanctuary

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Fount of the fairies (Fonte delle Fate)

Mansion in Ponte San Giovanni

Badia Castle

Staggia Castle

Church of San Lucchese

Formwork of the Medici Fortress

Ex Burresi Hospital

Rock of Staggia