The wood of Sant' Agnese

The reserve protects a wide cypress grove located among the hills of the Sienese part of the Chianti region, halfway between Castellina in Chianti and Poggibonsi.
The cypress, imported in Tuscany in ancient times probably by the Etruschans, creates in the reserve a wood whose origin dates back to about ten centuries ago.
Specific conditions made possible this cypress grove to naturalize, renewing spontaneously until today and integrating perfectly with the pre-existing vegetation.
The reserve provides shelter to many animals that in the surrounding countryside find nourishment: the cypresses’ heads are used as nest by many small birds like the blackcap, the blue tit, the serin and the grey tit.
Amoung the owls, noteworthy are the scops owl and the barn owl, hunters of insects and small rodents, while among the Mammals the most diffused are the porcupine, the weasel and the stone marten.

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